Don’t Forget

Lived my life quite episodically
Trauma appearing spasmodically
Dealing with stress methodically
Receiving assistance periodically

Remember to breathe…

Sheltering my siblings from apparent danger
From the man who morphed from dad to stranger
Mom’s life and safety he’d constantly endanger
Made my grandfather the exit arranger

Remember to breathe…

Children are a blessing or so I was told
17 going on 18 I felt pretty bold
Because a little boy did my body hold
For 9 long months, nobody I told

Remember to breathe…

Toddler #2 was quite the explorer
Burned himself badly, oh what a horror
First, second and third degree terror
Turned me into a shame and guilt wearer

Remember to breathe…

Life can be quite the affair
One for which you can not prepare
But thrill seekers beware
Of possible despair

If you don’t
Remember to breathe.

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