Nap Time

This is the time of day when she likes to be alone. She piles so many things in the bed, our bed. I don’t understand, when she is ready to play with her toys anything goes but if I bring a mouse real or play she growls at the top of her lungs. She should really work on her skills. I think if she mastered playing with one toy at a time she wouldn’t do this day after day.

First she uses the toy I like to chew on. The one she likes to chew on. She uses it to make scratch marks. Not marks like I leave in the litter. Her marks may sound like mine but they remain on that stuff not get wiped away when someone else touches or walks on them. I know because every time she puts that thing on the floor I walk on it and the next day her marks are still there.

When the chew toy isn’t as fun she picks up the pillow I don’t prefer. The hard one.  No matter how hard I knead that thing, it never gets soft. She is better than me with that pillow. She uses her paws to unfold it and her claws to click, clack and make noise.  That is the toy I like to lay on when she opens it. She doesn’t like it when I lay on it even if I purr for her.

But I know how this goes. Once I finally give in and settle down at the end of the bed she will stop, put the toys away, slide her feet under me and go to sleep. I love this time of day!

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