My Appreciation

Dear Friend,

I have been trying to thank you over the years for all of the help and guidance you have bestowed upon me.  Words can never really cover the amount of gratitude and appreciation I have for you.  You may have helped save my life and the lives of my boys.  All of my successes, all of the successes of my young men are in part thanks to you.

I am of firm belief that it takes a village to raise a child and I thank you for being a member of our village.  I want to thank you for helping me to raise three remarkable young men.  Three individuals still on the path to adulthood but it is a path which you helped pave with knowledge, love, respect, truth, friendship, loyalty and trust.  If you are confused please continue to read this letter filled with my gratitude.

Right now, the boys are three intelligent, talented individuals.  You have helped raise a college athlete striving in new realms, making friends with ease and surprising faculty as he grows.  You have groomed a musical genius with a mind for business, bound to open his own record label and produce his own music.  And of course, the innocent, loving, multi-talented child still searching for his direction can charm the biggest beast and melt the coldest heart with his smile.  Each time I look at them, think about them, I am filled with pride and I owe it all to you.  I never imagined that motherhood should feel like this.  I didn’t think I could feel like this.  It is a hard job but I LOVE doing it and for that I thank you.

The word mom is short but the duties are demanding.  You helped me to strive to meet each qualification. First and foremost, loving unconditionally, you taught me that children are always testing and learning.  Even when I disapprove, whether it’s something they have done or someone they date you taught me the only way for a child to learn to love unconditionally is to receive love without conditions.

Not all women, young mothers, are as blessed as I am.  You have helped lead me down a path that I am proud to have walked.  Every day I grow more thankful for you, for your support – emotional or physical, verbal or silent, monetarily or just your presence, it was and is greatly appreciated.  Without you, we could not be where we are.  For reasons unbeknownst to me, you were sent us and for that blessing we are grateful.

I became a mother at a young age, unprepared and ill-equipped but I thought I could handle motherhood all on my own.  If someone would have asked me then did I need any help, I would have said with all my naive confidence, ‘Help? No, I got this.  I know what I am doing.’  I am glad that you were insightful enough to know not to ask but to offer your helping hand.  Your hand has lifted me out of dark holes and pointed me in the right direction in which to head.

Growing up, there wasn’t much in the way of physical affection between parent and child in my house but you may have been the one to teach me this.  I wanted my children to feel loved.  So if that meant sleeping in my bed, sitting in my lap, holding my hand then I would oblige.  You may have modeled this for me or explained the necessity and for that I thank you.  My young men are all very affectionate and we have you to thank for that because you taught me the love in holding them.

You may have been the one who taught me to watch my boys and listen to them.  You showed me that children are really small people with an opinion about the world around them.  Children have a voice, one they should be allowed to use to express their feelings about things and their surroundings.  A voice and opinion, although completely innocent, but could prove to be very telling of the individual they are and the life they want to lead.

Maybe, just maybe you helped me learn my voice and the weight it carries.  Harsh words were my way to express my anger, disappointment.  It’s what I heard either directly or indirectly but you only offered kind words.  From you I realized to calm my tongue, think before I speak.  I learned to talk to them, with them not at them.  Together we have talked through many trials to find a resolution that fits the situation.  So, I thank you for helping me tame my tongue.

According to you mothers are dream supporters, the wind beneath the wings of their children, making sure their children are always on an upward path.  You explained to me that when a child dreams a mother should perform her magic to help make those dreams come true.  This was a lesson easy for me to grasp.  I wanted to be their magician, uplifting not only their spirits but their hopes.  Thank you for giving me the strength to be their wind.

At this time in my life I look back over the years, the many places we have lived, the numerous obstacles we had to overcome and through it all we have had beacons to put us back on track.  You were one of those beacons of light and for that I thank you.  These words cannot convey the true depth of my gratitude but I hope at the absolute minimum it opens a small window into my life and appreciation for your presence in it.  Thank you for shining your light on us.

Thank you with love,


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