Directions Not Included

All major purchases include a set of strategic notes to help new product owners incorporate the acquisition into the daily life routine, explain best practices, guidance on use, troubleshooting tips and tricks for best performance. The product manual illustrates uses for the product, how it accomplishes particular feats and sometimes the specifics of each feature. Desired manuals include images depicting various maneuvers said product can successfully perform. Product guides vary in length based on the complexity of the item purchased.

Last year, I drafted a Rice Cooker to play linebacker on my kitchen team. It sits on the counter right next my quarterback, Slow Cooker. When used together, Rice and Slow, execute an unstoppable play I have coined, vanishing dinner sneak. The handy manuals included with each provide step by step instructions on how to complete a shotgun meal pass my family devours as if they have been homeless without a helping hand offering them a morsel of nourishment for months on end.

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