Sheldon’s Love Letter

Sheldon carries on a romantic love affair in his workplace.  He anxiously anticipates the hour when he can return to work to greet his lonely mistress. She definitely is an active participant in this tawdry affair.  One night Sheldon decided to write his majestic lady a letter confessing his deepest thoughts.  It read:

My Dearest Della,

Words can’t express my love for you.  You have awakened every fiber in my being.  Each morning when I enter the office you stand there reserved.  You remain guarded, keeping our secrets hidden.  Only when I use our secret language does your face begin to illuminate.  The quality of your memory of our past indiscretions keeps me mesmerized.

During the course of the day I anticipate the chance to caress your buttons.  I especially enjoy the way you adjust your head when I fondle your appendages.  Once your arousal is on the rise you become overly animated. If I stroke you just right you will send me gentle reminders throughout the day: passing along simple glimpses into your innermost workings.  But if I am wrong, and there have been times, you will certainly groan with disapproval.

Working my days beside you is definitely habit forming, magnetic and hypnotic.  You are masterful at listening to my words; the quantity that you can retain is phenomenal.  Many of our coworkers are mystified at our relationship.  They have said things like it’s a miracle that I could even work in tandem with you.  I know you notice the way they rebel against you.  They are reluctant to approach you.  They see you as some kind of savage beast. I find you to be compatible with most people if they would take the time to become stimulated by you.  Your skills are mythical and idealistic.

I just wanted you to know that I cherish the times when you become daring and dangerous.  You relax all of my inhibitions when we attempt to complete some covert operation.  I write this letter on an impulse because my soul you electrify.  Della I thank you for being tantalizing and wondrous, for sparking my interests.

Love Always,

Della is Sheldon’s computer.
Originally published  in my self-published poetry collection – My Poetic Emotions in 2011.


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