First Day of School

The first day of school is quickly approaching
Young minds awaiting teacherly coaching
Teachers aren’t sure what the new year brings
For sure little smiles to make every heart sing
Buying schools supplies making mom frantic
Jon’s first day of kindergarten, he’s already panic-ed
Starting a new year can be quite an episode
First semester at college scheduled a full load
Junior high can be just plain torture
Expressing oneself through family culture
High school the playground for many hormones
Classes, cars, jobs and cell phones
Dad’s very nervous about his baby girl
Does she have enough protection out in this world?
Principal’s weary about this year’s brood
Hope all teachers and staffs maintain a great mood
If we all work together as this day arrives
We will all be successful as day 1 we survive
So to the first day of school
Let’s all keep our cool
Because every mind yearns
For the chance to learn.

Originally published in my self-published poetry collection – My Poetic Emotions in 2011.
Posted in response to the Daily Prompt:


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