He Speaks

You say he talks funny
But the truth is
You don’t listen good
His momma didn’t raise no fool
He’s always seen as rude
But what you don’t realize is
That is him. Loud, short brass
Maybe he’s a member of the wrong class.
Those children who tell it like it is
Who to each other say it’s none of you biz
Bend your ear and listen well
Many truths these babes can tell
How their nights are long
About how dad is gone
All the while you are telling them
Their life is wrong.
Who are you to judge?
Wondering how to make Pooky budge?
Maybe say hello from your heart
Take real interest on your part
Smile with true T.L.C.
Treat him respectfully
Expect him to be great
He’ll improve at a rapid rate
Tell him how successful he can be
Watch him strive to fill his true destiny.Originally published in my self-published poetry collection – My Poetic Emotions in 2011.
Posted in response to the Daily Prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/daily-prompt-fair/


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