Family Traditions

Families cuddling by the fire
Children hoping for their hearts desire
Grandparents, parents and parents-to-be
Loving to see the faces of little ones filled with glee
Carolers singing songs of joy
Even telling tales of wondrous toys
Tiny tots and curious preteens
Wondering if Santa will be seen
Everyone drinking and laughing
Eating and singing
My grandfather is blessing the table
While other are praying for the unable
This is our traditional get together
With family and friend
Parents teasing their teens and their teenage crushes
Watching them as their faces blushes
When the alarm clock rings 12:05
The family gathers around the giant pine
When the exchanging of gifts and presents are done
The sounds of paper beginning to tear
And the music of love fills the air
Everyone loving and caring, giving and sharing
To betray the tradition nobody would even dare
But before the night is over
Everyone refills their glasses to give one last cheer
To our family and the upcoming New Year.

Originally published in my self-published poetry collection – My Poetic Emotions in 2011.


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