Intentions to Vision Board 2015

Happy New Year! But is it really? Well at least Happy Start to the New Year! For me 2015 is all about thanking 2014 and beginning the next 365 focused and pointed in the direction in which I’d like to see my life climb. That’s right climb because we, or I only go up from here!

2015 Vision Board
2015 Vision Board

This is my 2015 vision board. Let me explain. A vision board is created by an individual to set intentions. It incorporates the idea of if you put an idea out in the universe and claim it, if you will, it can and will manifest. I never made a vision board until this year and let me tell you it was quite an interesting and focusing experience. I entered a sacred space with a group of people who were ready and focused to claim their fruits of 2015. Many sat down with a clear vision and idea of what they would be placing on their board. Not this college grad. I sat down with a blank slate. Literally.

I negotiated a space on the floor amongst children next to my partner and wondered what in creation would I put on my pure white blank board to represent my intended harvest of 2015. I had not an inkling of what I wanted to pick. So there I sat next to a plastic tub of riffled through magazines…Teen, Time, People, Oprah…idly flipping page by page waiting for inspiration to jump out of these printed journals and into my not-so-creative mind but for the life of me all I could focus on was the stinky perfume, the ridiculous outfits and the numerous ads for prescription medications. Nothing and I do mean nothing seemed to materialize from the printed pages I grasped in my hands and then there buried in the nothingness stood a monarch. A monarch and a vision was born.

I don’t want to present my entire 2015 vision right here right now. I just want you to know that “I have a vision” which I am willing to share with you through my first few posts of 2015. Go ahead take a gander at the pic and see if you have me all figured out but I assure you there is more to me and my board than what meets the eye.


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