Vision Board: Butterflies from Egg to Beauty

Looking at my board you will notice there are multiple butterflies present. Butterflies represent so much in my life – the evolution of me and my love. Butterflies have helped me cultivate my being into what I am today. The life cycle of a butterfly truly represent my journey in life – from egg to lowly caterpillar to BEAUTIFUL butterfly. I plan to channel my inner butterfly through out 2015 and therefore its multiple presence on my board.

I love taking pictures of nature, my favorites are flowers and butterflies. The picture of a butterfly featured in the center of my board is one of my own. I took that picture on one of the few roads trips I have been on with my love. She has been a light in my life. She encourages me to strive to be great. It was her idea to take some of my photos and have them printed on note cards, one of which holds center stage on my vision board. My intention for 2015 is to initiate some sort of commerce with my photos and note cards. Selling something so personal seems foreign to me but my love assures me that it can be done and with quite a bit of success.

The other butterflies are reminders that we come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We are never alone, if we just look to our left or right there is always someone there to help. We just have to ask. Another one of my intentions for 2015 is to continue on working on NOT operating as an island. I am part of a team now. A team at home, at work and at play! No need to flounder just look to my right or left and realize that I am not alone. So often we struggle with asking for help in fear that we will look weak or inferior. My intention for 2015 is not to succumb to my internal impressions and seek help when it is needed or offered.

Butterflies struggle through many phases to morph into the beauty that many adore. I not only understand that journey but respect it as well because one who struggles through so many changes and perseveres with such essence should be cherished. In 2015 I will value my journey, seek out help and cherish my journey!


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