Vision Board: Lower Right Quadrant to Center Stage

It’s that time again. Things are accelerating at a pace I’m finding hard to keep up with but now I’m taking the time to reflect before I forget. A moment to center myself. To refocus. To center myself, my thoughts, my vision to ensure I carry on with purpose. Which brings me back to my vision board.

When I placed the phrase “Believe in the power of I,” I really wasn’t sure of what it would mean for 2015. I glued the phrase amongst two of my favorite things to photograph butterflies, which we already discussed, and flowers which we will get to at a later time. What I knew when placing these six words was that I want to make a difference. I want to believe in the difference I can make. I no longer want to join the bandwagon. I want to drive it. You see for the majority of my life I have let others lead, take my steering wheel and drive my life in the direction of their choosing. I no longer want to be the passenger in my life. I want to drive. I keeping thinking if I die today what would my children have to show for my life, what mark did I leave, what is my legacy. I’m not rich so it definitely isn’t money! (Don’t worry I’m not ill or planning my demise, just being realistic.) I want my legacy to be one of change, one of justice, one of meaning and it has taken me quite some time (almost 40 years) to realize that I don’t need a fancy car to drive my own roads!

“Believe in the power of I!” Me! What can I do to make a change? I have got a whirlwind of ideas and let me just say, now, today, it’s my day. My time to make a difference, to ignite a change, to mobilize my people, all my people (you), to demand justice in all arenas of my life. I know it may sound a bit lofty but I don’t think it’s impossible. I can feel it all in reach, my reach. Just put my hand out there, open my mouth, speak my peace and make mountains move.

In all my years I never thought I’d be here, feeling me. Feeling strong. Feeling like “yes I can!” Or should I say yes I will. It’s my time to shine. As those six words state in the lower right quadrant between those two magnificent butterflies, the same butterflies that signify my life’s journey, “Believe in the power in I!” So come on, join me or step aside because the power of I, me, is a force to be reckoned with and I’m not backing down.


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