Vision Board: All Together Now

I really don’t think these three words need any explanation, all together now. These words mean just what they say “all together now”…my hope for us. Us Being my family, my job, my community and ultimately my world.  All together now. Now all of us need to be together on all platforms and in all realms. I know this does not come without work, hard work, work that I am willing to do and there’s no better place to start than home.

All together now at home is my immediate goal. I believe this is an attainable goal and have a unique strategy in mind to work towards this goal which I will reveal soon. I am on the road to uniting with the one I love and all that she brings to the table including her two unique boys. Our goal together is to unite and blend our family into a cohesive productive loving unit. Us. All together now.

Bonds are built through shared experiences and that’s my plan. My plan is for us to experience adventures and journeys all together and then reflecting individually. My hope is that through shared experiences we will get to know each other and build a true lasting relationship to create the family unit we desire.

So enters our family blog…1 Experience 5 Perspectives. I am proposing, almost mandating, we have an experience weekly documented with an image and a written reflection posted on our blog. My hope is that we grow together, building our bond, our readership and writing capabilities.

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