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The Next Chapter

Life never really continues as planned. Today I am closing another chapter in my life. I have spent the last several days dotting all i-s and crossing all t-s. I believe that plans help me maintain control but someone recently shared with me that “control is an illusion.” That sentiment is quite scary for me, the control freak that I am, but I stand in my strength of accepting new challenges.

Just a little over two years ago I joined the Berkley Bears Sleuth and it was welcoming right from the start. The mother bears of the sleuth were very protective and attentive. The friendships I have gained from becoming a bear will last a lifetime. I will treasure each and every connection made. The sleuth was instrumental in raising me from an eager cub to the great bear I am today and for that I am ever thankful.

So today as I move on to my newest endeavor into the great unknown, I will begin writing my newest chapter with my eagle eye vision, my bear strength and inherent perseverance. This next chapter I believe will be a test of sorts, an adventure, if you will. New, different stories yet to be written and I am ready – no plan just pen in hand!