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Election Notes

It’s a new day or is it really? Only days since the election has passed. Days since america posed for her family portrait. It’s been days since your uncle, you know the one, stood on his soap box and told the world all the things your grandma has been trying to keep as family business.

Many of you are outraged for various reasons. Some of you can’t believe that your family members put that uncle in office airing the nation’s, your family’s, dirty laundry.

We have been here before. No, actually we have lived here all of our life while living in America – whether we living black or brown in America, living in but not born in America, queer in America, a woman in America or heck any combination of these in America.You see, us, over here, who you want to be the allies to…this has been our reality. Maybe not to the extreme that this could possibly morph into but still what you are feeling now we have been living.

But now that our reality is also quite possibly your reality you feel outraged. Now that our reality has crept up and possibly infringed on the reality of someone you hold near and dear you feel the need to march, to shout, to talk, to strategize, to protest except you don’t know where to start, what to say or how to begin. Now that the reality, the real possibility, that history may repeat itself you are passing out safety pins. But guess what? Those of us who have lived here on the edge of your reality, screaming “our lives matter” and fighting for our lives – we don’t need safety pins to identify who is safe because unlike you we can look at each other and know which side of the wall your uncle would place us.

My suggestion is for you, white, straight, privileged, appalled America, is to start at your tree. Start with your roots pulling the weeds that you have left to grow strong and flourish, calling out the skunk causing all of the stink, educating your uneducated and reeducating your misinformed. Don’t avoid them like the plague get in there with your mask on, be the antibiotic with the realization that you can’t save them all and start inoculating your youth because they will be part of the future but rest assured we are, as well, preparing our descendents to be the leaders of the world.

Now is the time for us, those of us who have lived under oppression, systemic isms or the like to take the lead, to corral the newly enlisted troops and fight the fight we have been waiting but wanting to fight. It’s time to use their safety pin driven empathy to be the moles and the push we have been lacking. Now is the time to use them as the force behind our united punch.



What’s my routine?
Visit the latrine
Shower and get clean
Wake the sleeping teen
Predict the unforeseen
Run the washing machine
Discuss our reconvene
Turn on my typing machine
Search for caffeine
Wait for what the afternoon brings

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He Speaks

You say he talks funny
But the truth is
You don’t listen good
His momma didn’t raise no fool
He’s always seen as rude
But what you don’t realize is
That is him. Loud, short brass
Maybe he’s a member of the wrong class.
Those children who tell it like it is
Who to each other say it’s none of you biz
Bend your ear and listen well
Many truths these babes can tell
How their nights are long
About how dad is gone
All the while you are telling them
Their life is wrong.
Who are you to judge?
Wondering how to make Pooky budge?
Maybe say hello from your heart
Take real interest on your part
Smile with true T.L.C.
Treat him respectfully
Expect him to be great
He’ll improve at a rapid rate
Tell him how successful he can be
Watch him strive to fill his true destiny.Originally published in my self-published poetry collection – My Poetic Emotions in 2011.
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